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I am a visual artist who grew up in Birnam and have been based at WASPS Creative Exchange in Perth since 2019. A graduate in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone in 1999, I have exhibited around Scotland and have taken part in the RSA, RGI and RSW Open exhibitions.


My work begins with being in the landscape and initially painting or drawing directly to record my reaction to a place or a moment. All of my senses are engaged and I want to represent the sounds in my work as much as what I see. Prompted by photographs, video & sound clips, sketches and found objects I continue to develop work in the studio. Expressive mark-making builds up pieces of work in an attempt to reconnect with the feeling and atmosphere of a place in my memory. The aim is not to recreate an exact image of a place but to convey what it felt like to be in that moment and it is this that connects that hopefully connects with the viewer. My love of exploring new materials and techniques mean that my work is constantly evolving. Artist books and ceramics are an interesting way of combining visual material in a more sculptural and tactile form and I dip into these more 3D practices to bring another layer to my work..


Studying Art & Archaeology combined my curiosity for the past and what we leave behind with my artwork and this theme of traces resurfaces in much of my work. Making work which is rooted and is “of” the place as much as it is “about” the place continues to inspire new work.


In addition to my own practice I deliver workshops in the community and has experience working with families, residents in care homes and hospitals. Enabling people to learn new skills and develop their own creativity can have such a positive effect on Wellbeing so it is a wonderful thing to share with others. I took part in fundraising art trails across Dundee in recent years for two Oor Wullie Bucket Trails, and Maggies Penguin Parade, which raised fabulous sums for local charities

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